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Terms & Conditions Sree Guruvayurappan Temple Kolkata


Devotees should not enter the Temple Chuttambalam wearing Shirt, baniyan, coat, hat, Socks, shorts (Bermuda) or lungi.
The dress code for men is Dhoti with or without Angavastram.  

The dress codes for women are Sarees, Dhoties or Pavadas with blouse, Churidar with pyjamas(NO JEANS)
Salvar Kameez or other coverings as appropriate to their age. No other types of dress should not be
worn or taken inside the temple.

Follow the procedures and timings of the Temple. Respect the customs and usages of the Temple.

Do not stand in the centre of Nada, obstructing darshan to other devotees.

Those who are prostrating on the path of the circumambulation must see that other devotees are not inconvenienced.
Cameras, Mobile phones and any other type of electronic equipments are not permitted inside the Temple.

Photography of the Deities is strictly prohibited.

Bathe and wear clean clothes before entering the Temple.

Do not throw away the Prasadam and flowers received from the Temple.  Handle them with respect.

Do not enter the Temple or Temple premises after consuming liquor and non-vegetarian food.

Do not commit any activities of violence or quarrel inside the Temple.

Devotees have to enter the Temple with bear feet.

Persons with bleeding wounds and contagious diseases should not enter the Temple.

Photography is prohibited inside the Temple premises.

For any Puja or offerings, Receipts should be obtained from the Temple (Vazhipadu) Counter.

Donations cash/kind must be put into the KANIKKA PETTI/HUNDI only or should be handed over to the Vazhipadu/
Booking Counter against receipt.

Do not smoke or spit inside the Temple, and do not use or carry pan masala and such other things inside the Temple.

Please co-operate with the Temple Authorities to keep the Temple Premises Clean and to protest the
sacred environment of the Temple.

നാരായണ  NARAYANA  നാരായണ  NARAYANA  നാരായണ  NARAYANA  നാരായണ  NARAYANA  നാരായണ NARAYANA  നാരായണ 

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