If you are interested to study human nature, abstract concepts regarding human cognition, society, culture, religion, linguistics arts, social sciences and humanities is for you. This stream will let you express your creative skill and imagination in visual forms, be descriptive about emotional power and be aware of social welfare, social associations and human societies.
Learn about historical events, how they unfolded over the period, how communication played a vital role to create existent human civilization and learn a plethora of ways our community integrates.
Some of the subjects that you can explore are:

  • Arts
  • Linguistics
  • History
  • Music
  • Political Science
  • Journalism
  • Anthropology
  • Philosophical science
Arts, Humanities and Social Science



They are a depiction of our society, how we lived and live, how we function and why our imaginative expressions are elusive and magnificent. They are the rudiments of thinking about problems critically and solving them artistically. These streams of courses will help one to instil skills and – develop a rapport that will be beneficial for one’s life and career.

  • Arts has the power to educate people about the world and encourages self-expression, ingenuity, innovation, creativity and bring about confidence to people. Expression of imagination- a very abstract concept can be expressed in nongrammatical ways and let people ponder.
  • Through Journalism and power of mass-communication, shed light to the truth, augment truth joining bits and pieces of evidence with investigative journalism. Learn to create adverts that touch human emotions and help connect brands with people.
  • Improve your linguistic skills and broaden your syntactic horizon over different languages. You can act as a translator, tutor and a teacher of a language.
  • With humanities, you learn to build skills in writing and critical reading. It depicts how others have lived in this world and decide what is important in our lives also think of ways what can we do to make them feel better.
  • The domains of humanities can be studies which are literature, philosophy, history, archaeology, anthropology, law, politics, religion and art and be a scholar who are called humanity scholars.

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