Social work is a discipline and a professional service that beliefs in the notion to uplift individuals, communities, families, and society, it does so by easing the provision and consumption of fundamental needs, social functioning, self-determination, and well-being of the society. Most people view it as a non-professional field, however, contrary to common beliefs, it is an academic profession, and professional help copes with a challenge their clients are facing.


social work

It is a rewarding and psychologically fulfilling career option where we implement social theories to improve the quality of lives of people, understand societal issues and improve the condition of societies. Social workers usually specialize in helping impoverished, backward, socially neglected individuals, women, children etcetera and help them attain basic human rights and facilities. Many socially aware institutions, governmental and non-governmental agencies, the health sector, and social enterprises enlist social workers. One common thing is that social workers adhere to 7 principles which are: Individualisation, purposeful expression of feelings, controlled emotional involvement, non-judgmental attitude, client self-determination, and confidentiality. Since Social science requires global exposure, therefore, Australia is one of the best destinations to pursue social work for one’s further studies.
The benefits you get once you opt for this degree are:

  • As this occupation is enlisted under MTSSL, pursuing such an accredited course will make the pursuant eligible for a positive skill assessment from AASW and directly apply for the Permanent Residency.
  • The basic prerequisite is a relevant school or undergraduate degree in a similar discipline. The minimum IELTS requirement is overall 6.5 not less than 6.0. or equivalent PTE score.
  • The medical salary ranges from 60k to 80k annually in Australia.
  • Constantly growing discipline as more and more organizations are socially aware organization and need social worker professional to project themselves in that trajectory.
  • Play many important roles in sectors such as mental health, social advocacy, psychoeducation, research and evaluation, aid management, and other social services.

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