If you apply for the subclass 103 visa as a retiree you don't have to:

  • Meet the balance of family test, or
  • Have a sponsor or an assurance of support

If you have one or more children living in Australia, you might be eligible to apply for an Australia parent visa (subclass 103).
This visa is suitable for the parent or parents of a child/step-child who is a settled Australian citizen, settled permanent resident, or settled eligible New Zealand citizen. If granted, this visa will allow the parent or parents to permanently migrate to Australia to join their children.
Whether you qualify for this visa depends on a number of factors, such as:

Types of other Parent Visa:

  • Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 870) : This temporary visa lets a parent of an Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen visit Australia for upto 3 or 5 years.

    With this visa you

    • Can visit Australia for up to 3 or 5 years per visa
    • Can apply for further visas to visit up to a maximum period in Australia of 10 years
    • Cannot work in Australia

    Please Note: You can stay for a cumulative maximum 10 year period. You cannot stay in Australia longer by extending this visa. You must apply for another visa.You must be outside Australia for at least 90 days before being eligible to be granted another Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa, unless you have Permission to Apply in Australia.
    If you have held Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visas for the cumulative maximum 10 year period, you must either depart Australia or apply for another kind of visa that will allow you to remain in Australia. You will not be eligible for grant of a further Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa.


  • Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 143) : This permanent visa lets a parent of a settled Australian Citizen, Autralian permanent resident of Australia or eligible New Zealand citizen move to Australia.

    With this visa you can:

    • Stay in Australia indefinitely
    • Work and study in Australia
    • Enrol in Australia's public health care scheme, Medicare
    • Sponsor your family members to come to Australia
    • Travel to and enter Australia for 5 years
    • Apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible

    You can travel to and from Australia as many times as you want for 5 years from the date we grant this visa. This is as long as the travel facility on this visa remains valid.
    If you want to travel after the initial 5-year travel facility:

    • You will need to apply for and be granted a Resident Return (RRV) so that you can re-enter Australia as a permanent resident
    • You might also want to consider Australian citizenship. If you become an Australian citizen, you don't require a visa to enter Australia. You will need to apply for an Australian passport and use it to leave and re-enter Australia. See more about eligibility requirements and current processing times for Australian citizenship

    If you hold a contributory Parent (Temporary) (Subclass 173) Visa
    You can apply for the subclass 143 visa as a two-step process by first applying for a Contributory Parent (Temporary) (subclass 173) visa. Applying for the subclass 173 visa and then the subclass 143 visa allows you to spread the cost of the visas over a number of years.
    You have already met the balance of family test. You must meet our health and character requirements. See more about visa fees and charges.

    Visa Obligations:

    You and your family members must meet all visa conditions and obey all Australian laws.
    Learn more about conditions for this visa.

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